Monday, March 29, 2010


As I have continued to go through things in my garage, I have found all sorts of things that I have kept through the years.  I have found all sorts of things from my early childhood through my first few years of teaching--still my childhood in so many ways.

I have relived a lot of memories, but at the same time I have also wondered time and time again, "Why did I keep all this stuff?"  There are so many things that I really have no clue why I kept.

During my prayer time before bed last night, it hit me. 

I kept these things so that I could find them again now.  It is now that I needed to see these things to give me a glimpse into the person I once was.  I needed to see these things, touch these things, so that I begin to answer questions about my life as it is now.

I have a different perspective on my life today than I did on Friday and I am grateful.

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