Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God Moments

I realized today how many times a day I say, "Thank, God" and really mean it.  It is amazing to me how I see God work in my life everyday.  I am going to start to document these moments as much as I can.  It is all about having a constant conversation with God, always finding the silver lining, and being aware of how He is at work in your life.


  1. Hi. Thanks for the post on frozen blueberries as an alternative to ice cream!!! I'm also a lover of greek yogurt. I think you are in Atlanta, have you tried Atlanta Fresh greek yogurt? it's yummy. I met the guy @ Whole Foods. He and his dad make the yogurt. how cool.

  2. Indeed! I am documenting a bit of the same - for my kids --- to show how my relationship has grown over time, that once I prayed before tests, then before bed and work, then fervently for the health of my children, and now for EVERYthing...

    And the answer to your question about the morning Bible study via email is actually a formal place - Good Morning Girls...

    Here's the blog:

    Our 'leader' signed us up - I don't honestly know what that means. But, we do participate together in the challenges (this week - Patience! HA!) and the Quiet Moments thingy in the side bar.