Sunday, March 14, 2010

Everyday Angels

I had to go pick up some groceries from Trader Joe's today. We went right after church and my son fell asleep in the car. I had no intention of waking him up, but I was wishing that I had someone to stay in the car. I knew that could have been in and out of there in no time if I had someone to stay with him.

I read the church bulletin. I listened to my favorite XM channel—The Coffeehouse (51). I tried to enjoy the moment of peace and quiet, but I wasn't having very much luck.

I realized that I had my camera with me (which I always try to do) and decided it would be a perfect time to take some precious sleeping baby pictures. Okay, honestly, I was thinking that when I opened the back door to the car that little man would wake up.

He didn't wake up, but I did get some great pictures.

Little man took off one of his shoes during the children's liturgy at Mass. This is not uncommon. He always, always takes his left shoe off. I don't bother putting it back on because I know that as soon as I do, he will have it back off.

He did wake up a few minutes later and we headed into Trader Joe's. There was a super nice woman who asked if she could help me find anything. Yes. She helped me find exactly what I needed. I browsed around some more and then we headed for the checkout line.

The man who checked us out was an angel. Truly, an angel. The first thing he said to us was, "Hello, little family." It brings tears to my eyes as I think about it now. Yes, thank you, Lord, that is exactly what we are, a little family—him and me.

God puts all kinds of people in our lives. Each person is put in our lives for a reason—even if the person is only in our lives for a moment.

Thank you, Lord, for the angels that are in our everyday lives.  Help me be an angel to others.

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  1. I love this post. Isn't it so nice when even the smallest of things happens. One day I was having a hard time with a situation at school. I literally walked away in tears. All of a sudden a parent came up to me and said how much she wanted to thank me for truly caring about her son. I could have kissed her. Then she said, "I'm gonna say a prayer for you tonight." That came out of nowhere. I could have kissed her again, but I restrained. Adorable picture by the way. I love the foot, my son does that all the time too, and he had the same shoes! =) Too cute!