Monday, March 15, 2010


As I continue to try to simplify my life and fill up my 40 bags in 40 days, I realize that, although we are conditioned to think differently, in most cases, one of any item is enough.

I recently moved.  Before I moved I pared down a lot of what I had. I now have one set of pots and pans and one set of dishes.

I thought that I needed a new set of glasses for the new house. I bought a set, but took them back. I don’t need a set of 16 glasses, not to mention I have a one year old who is years away from using a glass.

I have more space in my cabinets. It is easier to find things. I have not once wished that I had a multiple of any item that I got rid of.

I will and need to continue to pare down in other areas.

Even though I have gotten rid of tons of make-up I still have more that I never use or is outdated. Do I really need multiple tubes of mascara, when I only use that one (if any at all)? The same goes for hair products, body lotions, and bath products.

It is hard for me to get rid of things because I can’t help but think of the money I spent on the stuff in the first place. I then ask myself, “Which is more important money or quality of life?” The answer to that is simple and simple is what I am striving for.

Conscious living choice: One is enough.

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