Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pink eye and quality time

Little man has pink eye--again.  I have decided that this is what happens when he gets a cold.  He gets congested and then gets pink eye.  This is the second time this school year. 

I started drops (leftover from last time) last night because I am well aware of the--must be on drops for 24 hours before he can return to child care--rule.  And I refuse to be THAT mom.  You know, the mom who brings her child to school sick even though she knows she shouldn't and doesn't care that her child may (most likely will) infect all the other children.

The great part is that we got to spend the day together and I got to pretend, if even just for a little while, that I was a stay at home mom.

We went to the doctor and then I did have to go to school for one meeting.  Thankfully my assistant watched little man while I was in my meeting.  The Parents' Club at school were hosting a luncheon for all the faculty and staff, which meant that I got to have a great lunch and it gave everyone a chance to see little man.  Little man was the center of attention and I got to sit and eat a meal.  The moms insisted that I sit down and eat, while they took care of little man.  I am so blessed!

As I was leaving I saw a colleague of mine, a religion teacher.  He stopped me and told me that since I had little man I have just blossomed.  He told me that is wonderful to see this other side of me and that it is beautiful.  Thank you, Lord!  Apparently I am doing alright.

We came home.  I fed little man lunch. We played. We napped.  We ran an errand.  We played some more.  It was such a great day!

Is it weird to consider pink eye a gift?


  1. Not at all! I totally agree. I work at a school where I play mother to everyone's child, but my own, and I love days where I can "pretend" to be a stay at home mom. Great post!

  2. I contracted pink eye from my little ones a few years ago and it was (for lack of a better word) hell. Seriously, I could not believe the degree of itchiness, redness, and irritation that it produced. Sheesh. I had more sympathy for my kids when they got it again but fortunately, we haven't had a case of that wicked stuff for a couple of years. Knock on wood.